The Legacy Begins…

Jonte’ Hall, stands tall at 5’2”! During his earlier years, he was often told to quit pursuing his aspirations of becoming a professional basketball player, “you’re not growing any much, give it up!”

But he had bigger plans of his own! After many try-outs, rejections related to his height (not skills), $200.00 to his name and last hope, he give it his all and became the first shortest player in history, for “The World Famous Harlem Globetrotters”.

Now, that’s a trailblazer! After playing with the organization for 10 years, in 2019 Jonte transitioned into becoming a Motivational Speaker to pursue his life’s purpose. These days he travels and visits schools nationwide to deliver the message of dreaming big, and never giving up, no matter the size of their obstacles.

His message to us is this, “as long as your heart stands tall, you’re not so small!” 


For Jonte Hall

Watch the inspiring short version of the Jonte Hall story, and see how he has risen with the mantra, “Never Give Up!”

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JONTE HALL...The Author

Co-Authored Literary Works


A smile is the most powerful expression on earth! This book will help you create a better state of mind to be the powerful person you are.


Be prepared to become inspired and even transformed as the authors have all learned, their strength today has come from their struggles.